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Thank you for trying FreePlus Accounts.  To get started we first need to collect a few details so as to ensure that only you have access to the account you are about to set up.  We take security very seriously indeed (you can read our Privacy Policy here for full details) and you can be assured that none of your details are ever passed on to any third parties.  What is private remains private.

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Your memorable word is used for additional security.  When you log in, as well as your password, you will be asked for 3 random characters from your memorable word.  These random characters will change each time you log in.

Use of FreePlus Accounts is free as long as you agree to receive our newsletter and allow adverts on the application pages.  You may elect to stop receiving the newsletter and/or adverts at any time, once registered, by unchecking the appropriate checkbox in the Registration Details page.  However, if you choose to do this you will no longer be able to use the free system.